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Western Army Headquarters
It's for an environmental health and safety specialist position at the University of Baltimore - basically, making sure that the science department doesn't kill anyone or break any laws - which is fairly similar to what I did as an intern.

I really want this job. I mean, I'll take anything since I'm leaving my job at UMBC at the end of the month, but I really want sweet benefits and free tuition at any state university. Oh yes. Let someone else pay for grad school. Wish me luck! ♥

In other news, I think I'm going to take the JLPT N4 test in December so I can help colorise study. It cost more to have the textbooks shipped from Japan than it did to buy the books themselves, of course... I could probably handle N3, but my formal education is so spotty that it's best to see where I stand first.
My insomnia is really getting out of hand. Even when I'm physically exhausted, I have trouble falling asleep. I lay in bed for hours some nights, trying every relaxation technique I can think of... but some sourceless, indefinable anxiety jolts me back into full wakefulness until I somehow manage to drift off.

I hate sleeping. Rationally, I know that it's necessary for good health, but part of what keeps me awake at night is the seething knowledge that 1/4 to 1/3 of my life is being wasted either on sleep or on attempting to sleep. While I'm generally a laid back person, I obsess when it comes to budgeting my time. Any intrusions into my time (like sleep, work and unwanted social obligations) are met with resentment. I see them almost as periods of personal nonexistence.

I've tried mediation, melatonin, exercise, decaf, sleeping pills, warm milk, antidepressants, anxiolytics, dull reading, white noise, aromatherapy and avoiding naps. Right now, just to function I need a nap after work... and even then it might take me an hour to fall asleep.

I don't think I'm being kept up by worries or by a fear of nightmares or anything like that. I think I just hate sleep so much that it's mutated into some kind of hypnophobia. It pisses me off... which, perversely, makes it harder to sleep! Ugghh... fuck this shit, I'm just going to lay here until it's time for work.
My laptop's right hinge has snapped, rendering the machine impossible to close without pulling up a frightful amount of computer innards. D: Other than that, it's in pretty good shape for a 3 year old laptop, and since it was pretty powerful when I bought it, it's not horribly obsolete... so I don't really want to run out and buy another until this one suffers some catastrophic motherboard failure and is no longer worth fixing. But supposedly this is an expensive repair (and I can see why, because it involves a lot of disassembly and fussing with parts.) That's if they can find the replacement part, which I'm having trouble doing since it's an OEM custom, not a store brand. It's not really worth dumping several hundred into an old computer when I can get a nice new one for $900-$1100 or so.


I guess I could just leave it with clamps holding the screen on. >_>;; STYLISH. Oh well, it's not like I don't have other laptops... but this one is special! Hell, I sleep with the damned thing laying on top of me. Maaaaaaybe I love it a little too much.
Ahh, I just finshed the first of this morning's Praxis II exams, so now I have an hour to sit around and do nothing. Or, uh, I guess I could be studying. I took Life Science Pedagogy, which I think went well despite it being the exam I was most worried about... well, at least I finished it, which is more than I can say for most of the people in the room. A couple of them took a look at the essay topic ("plan a week-long high school biology unit on animal reproduction") and just cloooooooosed the exam books... So now I have the Biology Content exam left, which is two hours of exam hell. XD Actually, I don't mind exams too much. I've studied for the past two weeks, and I feel ready. Except... I don't have any sharpened #2 pencils. Herp derp. I'm sitting here trying to sharpen a pencil with my keys.
23/04/11 - ಠ_ಠ
Ugh, I just found out that the McDonalds a short walk from my house was the site of a violent attack on a transwoman in which the store employees not only did nothing to help her, but actually stood back and filmed it on their phones. Well, I know where I'm not going to eat anymore... (not that I eat at McDonalds anyway, but I'm always going there to get food for my father.)
01/04/11 - FML.
Great. My father decided to be "helpful" by washing my clothes... and somehow managed to slop bleach all over everything.
disgruntled izaya
So, I got stuck at work an extra four hours today due to call-outs, but I generally like my job so I didn't mind that much. One of the few things I don't like about my job is Renee, the freshman cashier over at the school convenience store who clearly wants to be my friend but seems to have no clue how this "friend" thing works. She's an anime/scifi fan, like approximately 200% of the campus population. (I suggested that we start carrying Pocky in the bookstore... an order of the crap that was supposed to last 2 weeks lasted about 3 days. Damned weeaboos.) She wears her filthy, poorly made Edward Elric cosplay everywhere, along with her Transformers t-shirt and a pocket full of laser pointers (why?) that she enjoys shining in my eyes whenever I walk past. This is a tragic but sadly not uncommon case of chronic eighth grade disease.

But Renee is also a hick. A hoss-ridin', varmit-huntin' hick from the rural wilds of Frederick County - the same county where lawmakers recently voted to defund early childhood education programs because they think women should be homemakers. Yeah, let's just pretend that Maryland doesn't exist beyond a 20 mile radius of the Baltimore-Washington corridor. Sorry, nokoru, but you practically live in Delaware anyway.

So, anyway, this Renee wants to impress me. Hick style. So she bragged that she hadn't bathed in three days. I had been wondering what that funky smell was... I doubt she's ever washed that Edward costume. After my "wtf, are you brain damaged?" reaction, she decided to change her tactic. Knowing that I'm an animal lover with a grat love for cats... she told me how she and her sister like to intentionally run over barn cats that frequent a country road near her house, and how they use stray animals for target practice with their shotguns.

I was fucking pissed off, and even though the store was full of customers and my boss was standing right there, I let the little bitch have it. Felt good, man. People clapped. Sadly, I can't fire her for being stupid, but it's highly unlikely that she'll be asked to keep working there next semester. You don't piss off a bunch of cat people. *hiss*
08/10/10 - Woohoo!!
My arm's not broken! I just have bruised bones and a nasty sprain... plus hypermobility and crepitus in the wrist joint, but I've always had that. No thanks, doc, talk to me about wrist surgery when concert season isn't coming up. So I'll be out of commission for a little while. Of course, it hurts more today and moves even less, so I'm about ready to hack the damned thing off and replace it with a robot claw arm. Which would be awesome.
Ugghhh. I tripped over my own clumsy feet and took a hard fall on my right arm, which now hurts like a bitch. If it was broken, I wouldn't be able to move it, right? So maybe it's just a sprain. Either way, ow, ow, ow. Even a masochist like me can't enjoy this. I'd go to the ER, but I have work this afternoon (not to mention dinner plans with bunrab) so I don't feel like waiting around for several hours. I guess I'll just put it in a sling and do what I can with one arm at work.

I'm more concerned with how this will affect my gaming! Oh noes, my Wii arm!! (lol) Samurai Warriors 3 is such a fun game. And I swear it was made for fangirls. The whole Mitsunari-Sakon-Kiyomasa love triangle story mode is so moe I could die. Mitsunari is such a squirming, socially retarded tsundere that he can't even make eye contact with people, and Sakon is an appropriately snarky match... as for Kiyomasa, well, it's hard to love him after watching Tenchijin, but he's pretty moe too. But you know who has no redeeming qualities whatsoever? Tokugawa Ieyasu. And Kobayakawa Hideaki. Long live the western army, Tokugawas go to hell!

(wahaha, it's been 4 centuries, but I'll never let it go! Unfortunately I couldn't be in Japan for the 400th anniversary of the Battle of Sekigahara, but hopefully I will be able to make the anniversary of the Osaka Summer Campaign's Battle of Tennouji. Samurai, don't have major battles during the school year please. Ahhh I'm such a rekijou.)

As for RP, we've got one new player with the promise of another on the way... so I'm cautiously optimistic? So,colorise, I won't sound the death knells yet. Ugghh, I haven't done any roleplaying in forever.
Scanlators who advertise their works in public communities, but require that you friend their personal journal to download anything. Maybe I'm a little weird in the translation community in that I really don't care what people do with my scanlations. Redistribute them, retranslate them, put them on Youtube as a slideshow, erase my name and replace it with your own... I don't care. The original work does not belong to me. I didn't draw it. I'm not being paid for it. And I don't feel the need to safeguard the "copyright" to a couple hours of my time, freely given, that I spent translating someone else's work and dicking around in Photoshop. Locking download posts is just a cheap way to increase the friend count on your journal, which is one of the many ways that scanlation groups show off the size of their e-penis. (Other methods include tacking on several pages of credits and shout-outs to every chapter, watermarking every page, and harassing rival groups. Being a scanlator is like being in high school all over again.)

The groups that claim they're locking posts "to protect minors" are even more obnoxious... there is nothing to stop people from lying about their age on the internet. If a minor wants to see porn, they can go to Google Image Search. Locking a few pages of hand-drawn, heavily censored nudity is not "protecting" anyone from anything. It just provides an opportunity to "tut, tut" at the loose mores of other scanlators. Worst of all are the scanlation groups who require people to comment and beg for a password or a secret link in order to download the manga. I just imagine some basement-dwelling loser pretending that the comments are from actual friends.

Free sharing, whether it be of files or information or time or TMI details of one's personal life, is at the core of internet culture. This is not the place for cliques and popularity contests. Get a life.
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